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You can purchase these two books by Matthew Newsome.


The Strong Tower Collection

book coverNow, the collected essays appearing on this web site are available, bound in a single handsome volume, for only $19.95.  The Strong Tower Collection represents five years of writings defending the Church from error and attack.  You'll find all manner of topics covered, from the papacy, Mary, the saints, purgatory, confession, baptism, the New Age movement, Reformation history, the Bible, and more. 

Nearly all of the articles from this site are included.  Why publish in a book what is available free on the internet?  Well, first of all, we think you will agree that it is rather hard to curl up in your favorite easy chair with a computer monitor.  Also, we hope that if you benefit from the common sense explanations of the faith that you find on this site, you will want to pass that information along to a friend or family member. 

paperback, 299 pages

Only $19.95.  Click here to purchase!


book coverLosing the Trail: A Catholic Response to "The Trail of Blood"

The little 30 page booklet entitled "The Trail of Blood" has been circulating in the United States (and beyond) for over seventy years.  With over 2 million copies in print, this book has influenced sermons, articles, and popular opinions for decades.  Written by a Southern Baptist minister, it claims to give a history of the Baptist church beginning with John the Baptist himself.  It claims that Baptists, rather than being Protestants, are in fact the original New Testament Church, and follows their "Trail" through history by identifying them with nearly every heretical sect that has existed.  All the while, they were being mercilessly hunted down and persecuted by the Catholic Church.

Matthew Newsome examines the claims made in this booklet in his reply, Losing the Trail.  In it, you will find that history tells a different tale than the one painted in "The Trail of Blood."  This small booklet is the best concise tool you can have for combating false histories of the Catholic Church.

paperback, 50 pages

Only $9.95.  Click here to purchase!


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