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We are very pleased to now offer you, through the good services of CafePress.com, select items that you can purchase to support this ministry.  How does your purchase support Turrisfortis.com?  In two ways.  First , the profits from your sales goes to this ministry, so you are supporting us with your dollars.  Second, by wearing and displaying these items, you are helping to spread the word not only about this web site, but about the truth of the Catholic faith!

Currently, we have two designs we are using -- a medieval crucifix with the message "What is Truth?", and a medieval woodcut of St. Augustine with a quote from his City of God about defending the Catholic faith.  Products available include t-shirts, coffee mugs, tote bags, coasters, journals, mouse pads and more!

You can even purchase books!  The first title that we have available is Losing the Trail, our Catholic response to the Baptist "Trail of Blood."  We hope to soon be able to offer in book form a collection of the essays and articles on this web site -- for you to share with those who do not have a computer, or simply to enjoy in your favorite  easy chair.  Stay tuned!

To browse our complete store, click here.  Some sample products are featured below.

Your best tool to combat revisionist histories of the Church

Loosing the Trail


The best part of waking up is TRUTH on your cup!



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