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"Is there any other way to support your web site?"

Why yes there is, thanks for asking!  It takes time and money to maintain this web site.  Through a gracious donation from Proactive-Media, Turris Fortis receives free web hosting.  However, there are other costs, including time spent researching and writing articles, the books and journals needed to access the most accurate Catholic history and theology, and tuition fees (I am currently earning a Masters degree in Theology, primary to better be able to serve the Church through this type of work).  Currently that costs $660 per semester, or $1980 per year.  Turris Fortis is not a large apostolate, it is not even my full time job.  Yes, I work a normal nine-to-five like everyone else to support my family.  Turris Fortis is purely a labor of love.  That is why any amount you chose to give us is extremely helpful!  We appreciate every penny.  To make a secure, online donation with your credit card, please just click on the button below. 

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I love books!  Good thing, too, because I need to read a lot of them.  Doing practical apologetics requires learning a lot about Church history, theology, Scripture, and governance.  And, as I mentioned above, I am also a graduate student in Theology, and required reading is part of the job description.  Want to put a smile on my face?  Send me a book!  You can view my Amazon.com wish list here, and purchase a book for me right from the site!

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Another great way to support this site is to purchase TurrisFortis.com stuff!  You can get t-shirts, sweat shirts, coffee mugs, note cards and more with our medieval crucifix logo on them at our Store Page.  By purchasing these items, a portion of the proceeds goes to this site.  And by wearing and using these items, you are helping to spread the word about the truth of the Catholic faith!

Thank you!

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